Wrapping Up the Readathon

End of Event Meme

1. Which hour was most daunting for you? I believe that award would have to go to hour 18 or so. I was all I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE and then I went back on twitter and changed my mind.
2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year? I was so disappointed with my reading choices this year; nothing was appealing to me! I did listen to two audio books of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series, both of which managed to get Ethan really, really interested.

3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year? Continue to be awesome. Also everyone can for real turn off their word verification because there is nothing worse than an angry cheerleader at hour 22.
4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon? Using twitter, which helps you stay connected and reminds you that you aren’t the only one left awake! Also, I am so happy I decided to try out being a cheerleader. It was even more fun than I had thought it could possibly be! Not to mention Jill, who is the best head cheerleader I’ve ever met.
5. How many books did you read? Three.
6. What were the names of the books you read?

  1. Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation edited by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman (302 pages)
  2. The Final Detail by Harlan Coben (9.5 hours)
  3. Final Mistake by Harlan Coben (7.5 hours)

7. Which book did you enjoy most? Final Mistake
8. Which did you enjoy least? I didn’t listen very attentively to The Final Detail at first.
9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders? Try going through the list of readers and leave a comment on each one’s blog. I did this (it took me HOURS) and it made me feel so accomplished. (Warning: start this project earlier than hour 18, unless you want to risk the tears of frustration word verification can bring.)
10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time? I think the readathon is one of the best community events hosted by book bloggers because it is just SO MUCH FUN, so I’ll definitely be participating. I’ll definitely be a cheerleader again, too.

Final Stats

Number of books finished: 3
Number of hours listened: 15 hours
Number of hours reading print: 5.5
Pages read: 354
Mini-challenges completed: 4
Total comments left: 401
Prize you’ve won: I won Lynne’s awesome Pet Picture mini-challenge from hour 10; I also won the cheerleader prize for hour 21!
Goals Completed: All three! I made it to hour 22 (goal was hour 20), I left a tad bit more than 50 comments, and I read one adult, print book.
Best Cheer: From Bookish Butch: “Bitchin’ bookcase. Rah,Rah,Rah.” A+ my friend, A+.

Despite the pose this is not one of our high school senior photos.

The Weddingthon

The tricky part about going to a wedding where your date is the photographer is that there end up being zero photos of the two of you! So we muscled ourselves into this photo. The brides, unfortunately, were captured without their photo ready smiles, so I cropped them out of the photo. That white fluff next to me is part of one of the lovely gowns.

Did I mention I had no idea how long the festivities were going to be running? The wedding itself, the pictures, the dinner, and then a rather fabulous party became about ten hours of the day. It was a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but I thought it was a bit ironic that I had to give up on the readathon early so I could go to bed so I could wake up in time for a weddingthon.


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23 responses to “Wrapping Up the Readathon

  1. The two of you look fabulous! I’m glad you had a good time. I’m impressed you managed both the Read-A-Thon and the wedding in one weekend. Btw, you’re easy to cheer for, enjoy your week and try to rest a little. :-)

    • Thank you! I’m surprised I’m even up today. Staying up 22 hours and sleeping and then going to a wedding and then having plenty of, uh, adult beverages has left me groggy beyond belief! It will be a slow week around here, for sure.

  2. Wow that’s a lot of comments! I never keep track of how many I leave but I know it wasn’t near 400!

    You guys look wonderful in that picture!! :)

    • Thanks Amanda! I was surprised by how good it turned out, seeing as the person who used Ethan’s fancy camera had never used one like that before. Although one of the brides in that photo is making a frog face (by accident). Super funny.

      I may have left 400 comments but I see you read six books! Very impressive!!

  3. Boo to not being able to find a good book during the read-a-thon. That is just asking for trouble. You did really well despite that!

  4. Erin

    I’m with you on the power of Twitter and cheering. It was definitely inspiring to see I wasn’t reading alone. (But 401 comments…holy COW!)

    Also, the word verification. ACK. I almost stopped commenting on the blogs that still had it enabled. Almost.

    • I tried to keep track just because I wanted to see how much I could do; Jill, I’m sure, left about 83457230945 comments, lol.

      Re: word verification. ME. TOO. But I had a goal to accomplish! It was so frustrating.

  5. OK, 401?!?! Oh my gosh that is a LOT of comments! Also, readathon and then weddingathon – that sounds tiring and crazy and just yep, wow. haha. Very cute picture though – I like :D Thanks for including!

    Oh, and I love that Ethan was more interested in your audiobooks than you were. Heh.

    • Hahaha. It was kind of hilarious. I asked if he would mind (I put them in the DVD player) and then as soon as a disc would end he’d be like “Next disc!!! Please??” …he’s a big Myron Bolitar fan now, too, lol. I might have tried to read more print had he not liked the books so much!

      Glad you liked the picture :) He was just too cute for words in that little blue sweater vest and yellow tie (I picked it out haha).

  6. You guys look adorable! I’m glad you got at least one picture at the wedding. I agree with you about Twitter helping keep you connected and awake – that’s what gave me some energy about 1:30 in the morning when I was getting tired. Plus, it’s easier to cheer for people than going to all blogs and leaving comments, I think.

  7. That is an awesome picture. I totally love it!

    And you commented on everyone’s blog for the readathon?!?! 400+ comments?!?!? Are you nuts?!?!?! I’m impressed!

    • I love it too :)

      As for the commenting, it was kind of a spiritual journey after a while because I FELT LIKE THERE WOULD ALWAYS BE MORE BLOGS. But then there weren’t and I felt awesome. Like, climbing Mt.Everest awesome. Only blog style. Or something

      (I must mention that Jill probably went through all the blogs like 2 or 3 times because she is THAT GOOD.)

  8. Now that I read how many comments you left across the blogosphere I’m even more impressed that you stopped by my own to offer some encouragement in the late night hour! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your comments were so appreciated and really did help take us through the night.

  9. Congrats on your RAT accomplishments!

  10. Woman, you left 401 comments in a day? I don’t know if I’ve left 401 comments in my life.

    Saw The Social Network last night… makes me want to come back again (everything makes me want to come back again). I was tempted to ask you to send me a Harvard mug so I could walk around with it looking smart.

    Love the picture of you and Ethan… laughed a the caption — perfect. It is a great picture of you though!

  11. softdrink

    That’s a great picture of the two of you! Good job on cropping out the brides…it’s only what they deserve, since the schedule their wedding the day after the readathon! ;-)

  12. Cass, what a busy weekend you had! I really, really appreciate you taking all that time to cheer, and leaving a comment on my blog during the read-a-thon. Thanks!

  13. That’s too bad that you didn’t love your books, but it sounds like you had fun cheerleading, despite word verification!

  14. Sorry the books didn’t work out so well, but congrats on your accomplishments nonetheless.

  15. This comes late, but thank you very much for visiting my blog to cheer me on. That really helped!