Cover Transition: The Lonely Polygamist

I was at my favorite local indie bookstore yesterday and came across the new paperback edition of Bray Udall’s 2010 novel The Lonely Polygamist.



I own the hardcover, which I bought last year at a reading Udall did at said favorite local indie bookstore, but I haven’t read it yet. HOWEVER! The paperback cover is so good that now I am kind of re-excited to read The Lonely Polygamist. Always a good thing.


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16 responses to “Cover Transition: The Lonely Polygamist

  1. I like the new cover. I love when they do that and make you re-interested in books ;)

  2. I love the new cover too! I bought it for my Kindle but somehow still haven’t read it. Perhaps it will inspire me too:-)

  3. Ti

    Both covers are great. I can’t wait to read this one. I pitched it for book club but it was too long for those folks!

  4. I don’t think I ever noticed the fact that it’s a couch on the hardcover’s cover. I know I never noticed the guy and the dog. Both covers are great!

  5. I added this to my list after reading Under the Banner of Heaven. I think it looks like unique story line and I have a weird fascination with extreme lifestyles like this. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it if you read it before I do!

    • From my understanding, this book is a much more light-hearted look at polygamists (and I don’t think there’s any murder). We shall see how it is!

  6. I like the paperback cover more the more I look at it. I own the hardcover!

  7. I particularly like the new cover. :-) I’ve read the book, and I dunno … it just ‘fits’ more for me.

  8. I challenge any reader to get through this book without tears and without wishing you could give Rusty a much-needed hug. Golden doesnt have your typical Mormon Fundamentalist background hes originally from the south and has no Mormon pioneer heritage and he just kinds of ends up a polygamist read the book to find out how .

  9. I just checked this book (with the older cover) out of the library, but now I’m wishing I had a copy with the new cover. It just looks…lonelier to me than the guy and his dog on that super long couch.