The Revival of Bonjour, Cass!


What makes a good blog? What makes a good book blog? What do I want my blog to be?

I’ve been wrestling with these questions since I began Bonjour, Cass! way back in 2009. When I began my blog, I had a very specific idea of what a book blog was and how I needed to write in order to fit into that idea. My early posts reflect that very limited scope, to the point that my reviews were completely lacking personality and could have been written by anyone. Within months I felt trapped—trapped in a writing style I had locked myself into. I tried to change it up, to start writing more about my passion, LGBTQ books, but I still wasn’t energized. I didn’t like my writing, and I didn’t feel proud of what I was doing.

Then my life change drastically. The long term relationship I had been in when I founded Bonjour, Cass! came to an end, and all my writing routines went with it. We would discuss pretty much every book I read and we would edit my posts together. So not only was I mourning the loss of my longest relationship, I also lost, in essence, my blogging partner. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the details of my break-up on my blog, but the reality is that a blog, even a book blog, is extremely personal, and keeping myself from writing about the emotional turmoil I was experiencing kept me away from my blog altogether. I effectively silenced myself. Since then, I’ve stayed away from my blog whenever I’ve experienced personal difficulty.

So where does that leave me now? I published a review yesterday, for the first time in longer than I’d care to admit, and it felt good. I finally know what I want my blog to be: a place for me to share my opinions on books and TV and whatever other miscellany I am passionate about.

Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.


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11 responses to “The Revival of Bonjour, Cass!

  1. It’s good to have you around again, Cass.

  2. Knowing what your blog is is half the battle. Welcome back, though it ain’t a comeback.

  3. Good to see you back, Cass! I hope you find what YOU want from the blog.

  4. Good to hear about you finding what works for you and good to see you back :)

  5. I completely understand re: distancing yourself from the blog when you have personal turmoil. Especially if you’re not an oversharer. I went through some of that earlier this year. Looking forward to your revivial ;)